Ultem® 9085 for Fortus 400/450/900/F900+® 92 (cu in) Spool with EEPROM chip, like OEM Gen 1/Classic P/N# 312-20000 or Gen 2/Plus 355-02310 (Natural) or 355-02311 (Black)

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Available in Black and Natural. Name brand Sabic Ultem® with certifications available all the way back to the Sabic batch/lot #. Dry as a bone, vacuum sealed with desiccant in same packaging as OEM. Our Ultem® filament has consistent diameter to an extremely tight tolerance. Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 360/400/450/900/F900+mc® 3D printers. Ultem® 9085 is a 1.75mm Model filament: at huge savings. By re-using your OEM material canister Argyle spools produce less waste and save you money on shipping costs. The 100% money back guarantee makes this an easy decision. Try one now and start saving thousands of dollars per year. Equivalent (necessarily so since we both use Sabic resin) to Stratasys P/N# 312-20000 (Classic/Gen 1) or 355-02310 (Natural) or 355-02311 (Black) Plus/Gen 2 configured machines.

Call for Material Datasheet and certifications and Lot traceability back to Sabic batch and Lot#. 
Credits available for returned OEM eeprom chips.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Ships within 24 Hours
Material Type:
ULTEM (9085)
CANISTER 92 (cu in)
Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm
Cost per Cu In: