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I'm very pleased with the material. It works great in the machine and the black looks awesome. I'm extremely happy with how it's worked out.

We like your material better than Stratasys® material. It has a better surface finish and we think it’s quite a bit stronger than Stratasys® material.

All is well. In fact I’ve accumulated enough eeproms to exchange for a roll of material. Yeehaa!

We recently just got our first order of black filament from you for use on our uPrint SE+ and it seems to be working great. Good job!

We actually like your material better, the parts came out smoother.

We never had any problems. We love the stuff. We want to buy all our material from you.

How Do You Refill an OEM Canister?

Remove silver metal tape holding canister lid in place and remove lid.
Remove lid.
Extract spent spool and discard, keep desiccant packs for re-use.
Place spool in canister base such that filament feeds off bottom of spool and straight out of the canister.
Cut open vacuum packed refill spool and stuff desiccant packs back into pockets.
Replace lid on canister.
Re-tape Canister in three spots or all around, your choice.
Remove/Replace eeprom chip provided. Return used eeproms chips for $5/ea credit.