3 spools of argyle material

Argyle Materials, Inc., wholesales Model and Support materials for your 3D printers. Stop losing up to $30,000/year/machine buying OEM; keep the money in your pocket. We offer ABS+ and B31 (like OEM - M material), in all colors and we custom match to Pantone® colors.

Our Soluble Support material is WATER soluble!

Spool sizes range from 56 cubic inch, 92 cubic inch, 116 cubic inch, 183 cubic inch (3000cc double capacity Fmc spools) and 267 cubic inch spools.

Just create an account to login and check out our wholesale pricing and order online. The EEPROM chips we supply with each spool enable you to run higher or lower capacity spools or upgraded materials on any machine.

Argyle Materials, Inc. is pleased to be the Master Distributor of Bolson Materials 3D printing materials exclusively as part of our overall offerings. Our Bolson territory includes all of the Americas: North, Central, and South as well as the Caribbean. Headquartered in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, Argyle has local resellers across the Americas to serve and support a diverse base of Bolson customers operating throughout the hemisphere.

1 spool of argyle material

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