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Long running 184.6ci ASA spools with spindle & chip

F Series® ASA spool: 184.6 cubic inch, with spindle and chip. Save 21%

Argyle offers a Super Size spool of ASA filament for Stratasys® F123® or F Series 3D printers including F170, F270, F370.  These Spools are 184.6 (cu in) in volume, three times the size of a 60ci and twice the size of a standard 90ci (cu in)...
Breakaway Support (BST) material compatible with QSR build parameters. 92.3ci spool with Dongle Repair Device (DRD) chip and spindle.

Break Away Support (BST) faster & easier alternative to QSR® if you already peel away and don't wash off, for all F123® Printers (92ci spool) with reprogramming chip and spindle adaptor

Argyle Break Away Support (BST) is a Plug & Play refill material (peel away, won't wash off) compatible with ABS, ASA and PC-ABS on F123® Stratasys® 3D Printers because it runs with the same parameters used for the Soluble support. BST...
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Save 21%. Argyle offers an OEM alternative for Stratasys® F123® 3D Printers. ABS-M30 like and ASA filament Model material plus Break Away Support (BST) option to replace QSR Support (switch over to BST when replacing Support print head) for faster/cleaner post processing. Argyle spools are 184.6 (cu in), equaling the volume of both Model bays without requiring problematic model bay switchovers. The 184.6ci spools reside in a dry metal canister we provide with your first order and sits on the floor behind your machine; our spools run seamlessly with the included  Dongle Repair Device (DRD). Save your DRD's and OEM spindle chips for $5/ea return credit. Full installation instructions on our FAQ Page

Enjoy the convenience of running larger spools with fewer reloads. Color options available for ABS with the purchase of two 92.3ci spools: call to order ABS in colors. The 100% money back guarantee makes this an easy decision, order a spool today and free yourself from high prices and controlling vendors.