Ultem® 1010 for Fortus 400/450/900/F900+® 92 (cu in) Spool with EEPROM chip, like OEM P/N# 312-22000 (Classic/Gen 1) or 355-02330 (Plus/Gen 2)

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Available in Natural and Black. Name brand Sabic Ultem with certifications available all the way back to the Sabic batch/lot #. Dry as a bone, vacuum sealed with desiccant in same packaging as OEM. Our Ultem filament has consistent diameter to an extremely tight tolerance. Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 400/450/900/F900+® 3D printers. Ultem 1010 is a 1.75mm Model filament: at huge savings. By re-using your OEM material canister Argyle spools produce less waste and save you money on shipping costs. The 100% money back guarantee makes this an easy decision. Try one now and start saving thousands of dollars per year. Equivalent (necessarily so since we both use Sabic Ultem resin) to Stratasys P/N# 312-22000 (Classic or Gen 1) or 355-02330 (Plus or Gen 2).

Call for Material Property Datasheet and certifications / traceability back to Sabic production lot.
Credits available for OEM eeprom returns.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Ships within 24 Hours
Material Type:
ULTEM (1010)
CANISTER 92 (cu in)
Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm
Cost per Cu In: