Let skilled Service Engineers maximize the up-time of your manufacturing Stratasys® FDM system. Various programs are to be hadto satisfy your renovationwishes, together with annual PM contracts with scheduled visits, primary visits with DIY support, and one-time emergency repair. Contracted renovationclientsadditionallyacquireget admission to to our large-bodymanufacturing Fortus® systemthroughoutgadget down time. This partnership continues your manufacturingwishes fulfilled even if your system is down.

  •        uPrint® (All models, depot repair)
           Fortus® 200mc
           Fortus® 250mc
           Fortus® 360mc
           Fortus® 380mc
           Titan®/ Vantage®
           Fortus® 400mc
           Fortus® 450mc
           Fortus® 900mc
           Dimension® Models (Depot repair unless combined with Fortus contract)
           Maxum®/ Quantum®

Equipment Maintenance Packages

  •        SELECT

Our entry level package includes two on-site visits from a Service Engineer to perform a Preventative Maintenance service. Plus it includes unlimited phone support!

  •        CHOICE

Our Choice plan is our DIY hybrid option, covering parts and repairs and receive priority service scheduling. The Preventative Maintenance items are provided and your in-house technician performs the service. A Pivot Service Engineer supplies emergency service within two business days.

  •        PRIME

This top of the line contract gives you the most assurance. Two Preventative Maintenance visits are included, plus replacement print heads or other hardware.