Break Away Support for ABS Model Material (peel away, won't wash off) for all uPrint® Printers 56 (cu in) Spool with DRD chip

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Argyle Break Away Support is a Plug & Play refill material (peel away, won't wash off) compatible with uPrint®, uPrint+®, uPrint SE® and uPrint SE+® machines, for use with P-400, P-430 and M30® type materials. Argyle Materials are manufactured in the USA by Bolson Materials to the highest specifications, ROHS Certified and Phthalate free. This excellent alternative to OEM Support material requires no adjustments or recalibrations of your machine and will save 35%+ vs OEM. Our spools are 56 cubic inches, fit inside the uPrint carrier and will run on Soluble Support machines with supplier Dongle Repair Device (DRD) chip. Fresh/dedicated Support tip recommended.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Ships within 24 Hours
Material Type:
Break Away Support (BST REFILL)
CASSETTE 56 (cu in)
Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm
Cost per Cu In: