Stratasys like materials for F123 Series 3d Printers

Let me know if you're interested in running our discounted 3d printing materials on your Stratasys F123 series 3d printers? If you're interested email me at 

What materials will we offer for the F123 line of Stratasys 3D Printers?

We are looking into offering ABS and ASA in multiple shades and colors for Stratasys F170, F270 and F370 3d printers. At the moment you have to choose from 60 cubic inch (ci) or 90ci spools. Ours will be a 184.6ci spool so equivalent run times to two bays full of 90ci material. 

How does it work you wonder, well more details to follow but the simple explanation is the spool will sit on top of the open spool drawer and feed out of a "dry box."

What are the savings on our wholesale ABS and ASA materials for the F123 printers?

For a 25% reduction in material cost are you willing to run your printer with the spool bay door open? If you want to run with the drawer closed, with a few minor modifications you can, call for details 1-855-527-4953 x3