Recycling Material Canisters from Stratasys Fortus 3d Printers

Does Argyle Materials Recycle Material Canisters from Stratasys Fortus 3d Printers?

Argyle Materials offers a $5 credit for every Classic eeprom recycled thru us. Unless a Classic machine has been upgraded Classic eeproms typically come from Fortus 360mc, Fortus 400mc and Fortus 900mc machines. Simply collect the chips from used material canisters and mail to Argyle at: 920, W. 10th St., Pella, IA 50219 a Credit Memo will be issued upon receipt of the eeprom chips. 

We offer a $25 return credit for Plus eeproms that have some material volume remaining on the chip. When run to zero volume the chip is bricked and is worth $0. Plus chips come from material canisters used in Fortus 380mc, Fortus 450mc and F900+ 3d printers.  

Is there a noticeable difference between Classic and Plus eeprom chips?

Yes there is a noticeable difference between Classic and Plus eeproms. Classic eeproms are either white or green boards and have a slot in the center of the chip. Plus eeproms are typically black and have a slot offset from center.

How do I recycle the empty spool and metal canister?

We experimented with reusing the empty spools but the cost of shipping and environmental impact of shipping empty spools didn't make sense. Spools may be discarded in regular waste or plastic recycling. The metal canisters can be dropped off at most scrap metal yards, especially if you've taken the time to remove the plastic component from the exterior of the canister. 

The best way to recycle the metal canister is to buy re-fill spools from Argyle Materials, which come with the necessary eeprom, and you can reload the Fortus canister hundreds of times and the metal canister never sees the landfill.