Fortus Print Head Repair

Does Argyle materials offer Fortus 3d printer head repairs?

We recently had a customer call us for a second opinion after the Stratasys Service Technician visited and told them their print head was unrepairable and needed to be replaced for close to $8,000 USD. Our service technician determined that the thermocouple was bad and needed to be replaced. Total cost for our repair including two visits on site: less that $1,500 USD.

We also rent print heads so you can continue production while we fix your broken print head.

What are common causes of Fortus Print Head breakdowns?

Common causes of Fortus print head breakdowns include:

- Headboard fried - when heater wires short out items on the board get fried, we can fix or replace the head board.

- thermocouple malfunction - thermocouples wear out, we sell replacement thermocouples, Stratasys wants you to replace the entire print head or not repair the head at all using it as leverage to force you to trade in the older Fortus models and "upgrade"

- drive motor cease - the lubricant can dry up and cease the motor - we sell replacement motors with high temp lubricant