Argyle holds the line on pricing - Stratasys announces yet another price increase

Argyle Materials hasn't changed prices in over 10 years.

On Jul 23, 2022 Stratasys announced yet another price increase of 10% on Fortus Classic machines: 360/400/900mc and a 5% increase on Fortus Plus machines: 380/450/F900. 

In less than twelve months the OEM has increased the price of a classic Fortus ABS canister by 15% or $55.80/ea. If you run two canisters per week you are paying Stratasys an extra $16,203 per year. At four spools per week you're paying Stratasys an extra $32,406 extra per year for ABS versus buying from Argyle Materials.

Annual ASA savings for your Fortus $18,720 at two spools per week and $37,440 at four spools per week

Annual PC savings are even higher: $21,944 at two spools per week, $43,888 at 4 spools per week. 

Annual Ultem savings: $35,776 at two spools per week, $71,552 at four spools per week.