Custom Pantone Colors are Available for Stratasys Dimension 1200, Dimension 768, Fortus 900 mc, Fortus 400mc, Fortus 360 mc, 3D PrintersCustom Pantone Colors are available by special order in Argyle ABS P400 and Argyle ABS P430(M-Type) Materials. A $600 color matching fee will be charged on all orders.

Compatible with the following 3D Printers:

uPrint SE®
uPrint SE+®

Fortus 900 MC®
Fortus 400 MC®
Fortus 360 MC®
Fortus 250 MC®
Fortus 200 MC®

Dimension 1200® Series
Dimension 768® Series

FDM 8000®
FDM 3000®
FDM 1650®
FDM 1600®


Minimum Order Quantity:

Cassette 56 (cu in) 44 spools
Canister 92 (cu in) 33
Large 116 (cu in) 25
SUPERSIZE 184 (cu in) 15
Quantum/Maxum 254 (cu in) 11

Please supply Physical Sample or Pantone Color Code, AND ANSWER THE FOLLWING QUESTIONS:

  • Do you prefer metal free pigments?
  • Will the product be used outside for long term use?
  • Is a UV stable pigment required?
  • Will the order for the custom color be recurring?
  • How many spools per year?
  • To order please contact us Toll Free: 855-527-4953 or email