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Support: Break Away (BST) for ABSplus/M30 (peel away, won't wash off, Soluble only available from OEM) for Fortus 250/200 mc® Printers 56 (cu in) Spool with EEPROM chip, Save 29% versus OEM Soluble

Argyle Break Away Support is a Plug & Play refill material compatible with Fortus 250/200 mc® soluble support machines. For use with ABS-M30®, P-400 and P-430 type materials in place of OEM Soluble Support with supplied soluble eeprom chip...

Fortus CarrierArgyle offers an OEM alternative for Stratasys® production Fortus 250/200 mc® 3D printers. ABS P400, ABS P430 (M-Type) material and Break Away Support material are available to save machine owners significantly in consumable costs. 100% money back guarantee!