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Fortus ASA 3D Printer Filament

We at Argyle offer a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 360/380/400/450/900/F900+® 3D printers. Argyle ASA material is a refill for Stratasys® Canisters and comes with eeprom chips. What makes us special?  High-quality...

Fortus Break Away Support (BST) for ABS, PCABS, ASA (peel away, won't wash off , Soluble only available from OEM): Fortus 360/380/400/450/900mc® 92 (cu in) Spool with soluble EEPROM chip (Classic/Gen 1 or Plus/Gen 2) SAVE 31% vs OEM Soluble

Argyle Break Away Support is a Plug & Play refill material (peel away, won't wash off) compatible with Fortus 360/380/400/450/900/F900+® soluble support machines with supplied eeprom. For use with ABS-M30®, ASA, PCABS, and ABS-ESD...

Fortus Ultem® 9085 Support for 400/450/900/F900+® or upgraded 360mc® Printers 92 (cu in)spool with EEPROM chip, like OEM P/N# 310-30600 (Classic/Gen 1) or 355-03220 (Plus/Gen 2), Save 27% vs OEM

Traditional Sabic Ultem® 9085 Support. Vacuum sealed with desiccant in same packaging as OEM. 9085 Support eeprom chips provided for either Gen 1/Classic or Gen 2/Plus configured machines. Our Ultem 9085 Support filament has consistent diameter to an...

ULTEM 1010 3D Printing Filament

Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 400/450/900/F900+® 3D printers. We have our Ultem® 1010 filament available in black and natural using name brand Sabic Ultem® raw materials like the OEM does. Certifications...

ULTEM 9085 3D Printing Filament

Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus® 400/450/900/F900+mc® 3D printers. We have our ultem 9085 filament available in black and natural using the same name brand Sabic Ultem® raw material as Stratasys®...

Polycarbonate 3d printer filament for fortus 380/400/450/900MC®ASA, ABS, BST, PCAB, TPU, Ultem 1010 & Ultem 9085, 3D Printer Filament collection

Argyle offers an OEM alternative for Stratasys® M-type ABS for your production Fortus® 360/380/400/450/900 mc® 3D printers.  

What makes us special for 3D Printer filament? 

If you are on the fence about M-type ABS 3d printer filament, you don’t have to anymore as we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Make your purchase today! 

ABS-M30 is very similar to injection molding ABS material, bringing its familiarity and versatility to 3D painting. ABS 3d printer filament is the best choice for form, fit, and function testing and most other 3D printing applications. 

Some of the main characteristics of ABS-M30 include strength and toughness while being lightweight and resilient. ABS is an ideal choice for utility and economy. ABS-M30 3d printer filament is the best choice for tooling and end-use parts.

ABS (M-Type) printer filament is ideal if you are looking for strength as well as flexibility. ABS features superior melt flow characteristics and has a high tolerance for hot temperature making it suitable for items that are frequently handled, dropped, or heated. 

Advantages of Argyle’s Fortus® ABS Material: 

  • A bit less glossy, so it doesn’t look like cheap plastic

  • Tough and durable material 

  • Water and chemical resistance 

  • Smoothing capabilities with acetone 

  • Excellent ductility 

  • No more storing empties for return  to OEM or landfill 

Top Applications of ABS 3D Printer Filament

  • General prototyping of form, fit, and function parts.

  • Pre-Sales models

  • Communicate design and product features

  • Improves supplier communication/understanding to accelerate production

  • End use Production Parts